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Ayurveda - is one of the world’s oldest approaches to medicine. This is an ancient healing system based on 5000 years of tradition. Also this healing system has been used for more than 5000 years in India & Sri Lanka. Still, today in Sri Lanka, approximately 60% of the population are treated with this healing system. Ayurveda is an approach to healing that has been proven and tested over thousands of years and only uses medicines that are found in nature.

Most of the hotels in Sri Lanka have professionally trained people for Ayurveda Treatment. Duration of the treatment depends on the illness. Generally, visitors prefer to rejuvenate the body with herbal bath and oil massage. Basically, during the treatment period, visitors are treated with vegetarian food but it’s optional.


  • Accommadation
  • All Meals
  • Airport Transfers

Price - At your request, we will prepare the cost of the tour based on your requirements. Rates vary from place to place and the number of guests. Kindly provide more details of your travel to enable us to prepare a detailed itinerary for you to have a memorable tour of Sri Lanka.

Time Period - Every day

Numbers of Day - 1 Day, 2 Days, 3 Days

* If you wish to customize a tour package as per your requirements, our local travel experts at Your Sri Lanka are happy to customize the ideal itinerary for you.

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Ayurveda Treatment