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Water Sports - Sri Lanka is surrounded by water and there are many lakes, rivers and waterfalls in this small island. Wind surfing has become an international competition which attracts many wind surfers from all over the world.

Underwater diving is another fast becoming event in Sri Lanka. There are hotels conducting classes for guests who love to experience underwater diving through professional divers.


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Price - At your request we will prepare the cost of the tour based on your requirements. Rates vary from season to season, number of days, class of hotels and number of guests. Kindly provide more details of your travel to enable us to prepare a detailed itinerary for you to have a memorable tour of Sri Lanka.

Time Period - Every day

Numbers of Day - 1 Day, 2 Days

* If you wish to customize a tour package as per your requirements, our local travel experts at Your Sri Lanka are happy to customize the ideal itinerary for you.

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